Note to Self.

Natura Salva

I apologize for hurting you,
for finding you unworthy.
For scolding you on all your failures,
and shaming you overtly.
Forgive me for the pain I’ve caused,
and the scars etched on your skin.
For never having faith in you,
or hope you’d ever win.

I see the pain I’ve caused you,
as I stare into your crying eyes.
All those years of ridicule,
yet you forged a great disguise.
In attempts to hide the sadness,
the confusion, and the shame,
Walls were built and hearts hardened,
a numbed person you became.

Never did I learn the procedure,
to approach someone like you.
Always taught to see the good in others,
but for you I had no clue.
I hope to see the day in which
we can harmoniously coexist.
Where we have moved past this strife,
and the pain no longer persists.

I promise to practice acceptance,
for your every perfect imperfection.
To dedicate time to explore us,

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