Elie Kallab | Harvard Conference 2016

An excellent and inspiring talk:
“Your life is an unfinished painting and as an artist of that painting you must fill in all the ugly holes to make it beautiful! I learned, through my journey, to love myself. I encourage you all to do that as well. Once we achieve this, we can start to love each other: our neighbors, our peers, and even the ones that seem so very different from us. Let us love each other and be kind to one another, because if we are able to spread more kindness, we will be able to bring more light to those who need it.”


Ellie Kallab | Harvard Conference 2016  

You are stupid; you have no friends; you are a loser.” This is how other classmates perceived me when I was younger. My name is Elie Kallab, and I am from Lebanon. I am currently studying International Affairs and Diplomacy at Notre Dame University Lebanon. I was raised in a family consisting of my mother, father, sister and me. Today, I will be taking you back to the time when I was in elementary and high school.

As far back as I can remember, my peers started bullying me because I was different. I remember I was seven and I had no friends. I was alone most of the time at school. I was different; I never wanted to play basketball or soccer. It did not interest me, and I was terrified of getting hit in the face and breaking my nose. I didn’t…

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