“In what bare tomb must I lie | To summon the voice | That speaks like my soul?” ~ Andree Chedid, from “Tne Voice”

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Two for Tuesday:

A new poet (for me) who I just discovered via my tumblr dash. Love it when that happens.

Flock of Gulls, Marco Island, FL|
by d_thompson (FCC)

The Final Poem

A forge burns in my heart.
I am redder than dawn,
Deeper than seaweed,
More distant than gulls,
More hollow than wells.
But I only give birth
To seeds and to shells.

My tongue becomes tangled in words:
I no longer speak white,
Nor utter black,
Nor whisper gray of a wind-worn cliff,
Barely do I glimpse a swallow,
A shadow’s brief glimmer,
Or guess at an iris.

Where are the words,
The undying fire,
The final poem?
The source of life?

~ Andree Chedid


Heather Clad Moors by the Coast, UK
Wikimedia Commons

Breve Invitee

à ma fille

Ma lande mon enfant ma bruyère
Ma réelle mon flocon mon genêt,
Je te regarde demain t’emporte

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