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Randal Eliot's great debut novel is out now! Randal Eliot’s great debut novel is out now!

You may know that Literary Fragments recently published Randal Eliot’s What Goes and Comes Around. What instantly attracted us to the novel was its clear understanding that conflict and the movement towards its resolution comprise the very essence of powerful literature. Those of you who take advantage of this opportunity to read What Goes and Comes Around’s opening chapter will soon see what we mean. Moreover, you’ll recognise some incisive, fluid characterisation at a highly-charged point of anagnorisis (a literary scene of recognition or discovery). The skillfully-executed stichomythia (dramatic dialogue of alternate single lines) not only adds humour, energy and atmosphere to the text’s exposition, but serves as yet another indication that Randal Eliot’s hybrid-realism is accessibly, entertainingly poignant and relevant.

Chapter One

‘Look here! Your friends might have been born during the last commercial break on Sky ultra-direct debit – and don’t…

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