Because most of the Lebanese didn’t learn any lesson from the civil war, they are still suffering!

A great reminder for the Lebanese people:
“Is this the country you want to lend to your children and grand-children?
Do you want to resume witnessing the daily corruption of all ministries and bearing the horrible load of unemployment?
Aren’t you fed up that every family in Lebanon has to suffer because in order to ensure a better living, the families are being split to go work abroad?”

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– This blog is dedicated to my Dearest Friend Wadad Halawani, to her beautiful family and to Adnan her missing husband since 33 years ago  – The photo of this blog is the photo of an adorable lady still searching for her boy who went out to buy cigarettes during the civil war and was kidnapped. 

I was born in Lebanon in July 1979 under the bombs in the middle of the civil war.

When I was a kid they told me the Lebanese civil war has started on 13th of April 1975 and finished on the 13th of October 1990.

They have told me it was about a bus in Ain El Remmaneh where Militants of the Phalangists party known as kataeb ( a Christian right-wing party ) have opened fire on a bus, returning from Tal El Zaatar Camp, killing around 28 Palestinians in order to take revenge…

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