The Armenian Genocide: A letter to the Turkish People

Speechless: A powerful message
“I tell you Turkish people… As a human being, I do not hold any grudge against you. I know that you were born with no sins. I know that you were born in this era, which is almost 100 years after the genocide! I know that you were in no way responsible for the genocide. You did not even exist back then. You are simply human beings who happened to be born as Turks, just like I happened to be born as an Armenian. I could have been born as a Turkish, and I know that I would have definitely despised the idea of being accused of something I did not myself commit. Having said that, I believe that what makes you responsible for the genocide is your constant denial to it.”



My name is Chaghig Filian.  I am Lebanese of Armenian origin.  I am studying right now.  But somehow I have some thoughts playing in my brain which are not allowing me to concentrate.  So, I thought I’d stop for a while, pour my thoughts and go back to studying!  I have a lot to finish and I need you to send me good luck!

Before I start writing, let me take a moment and express my ultimate gratitude and appreciation to my beloved, to my one and only, to my reason of existence, to my everything, to my Lebanon.

Today is April 24.  It is a sacred day for us Armenians as we pay tribute to the 1.5 million martyrs who were unjustly killed.  I am still here and alive.  I exist.  The Armenian race still exists, all thanks to our martyrs.

Today, my Armenian identity is in a…

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