Roman Theater in Byblos, Lebanon

Byblos Theater

Built in the third century AD, unlike Greek theaters, this theater was not built on a slope, its structure is purely man made.

It was Formed of two parts:

1-     The orchestra : a semi circular stage and podium where the actors and choir did their job.

2-     The auditorium: where the spectators used to sit on comfortable chairs to watch shows and ceremonies.

The theater was approximately 20 meters high and made out of 30 steps.

The first three rows were for esteemed personalities.

Some  of the caved steps are pierced. The holes created were used as a base to erect wooden columns which held vellum sheets to protect the spectators from the sun.

An altar used for honoring the gods by burning incense still stands on the orchestra.

In the middle there is a mosaic of Bacchus. ( now transported to the national museum)

Bacchus the God of…

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